PrairieCare to offer Adapted DBT Program By: Kristin Kirchoff, Community Relations

Dec 02, 2014

PrairieCare Medical Group in Woodbury is excited to offer a new form of therapy for adults!  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Adapted Intensive Outpatient Program for adults will run three days a week (M, W, and F) from 12:45pm- 4:00pm and will be a 12-14 week program.DBT’s approach balances a focus on behavioral change with acceptance, compassion, and validation for the individual receiving services. DBT strives to enhance an individual’s capability to manage psychological and emotional functioning, improve motivation, ensure that new behaviors are generalized to daily life, structure the environment to support adaptive behaviors and enhance treatment provider ability and motivation. (, Matta)

Since DBT has been proposed, there have been many forms of therapy adapted from the model.  Woodbury will be using an adaptive DBT approach that will benefit those with impulsive behavior, mood swings, struggles with interpersonal relationships, cognitive disruptions, rigidity, and other behaviors used to regulate mood.

This program will feature skill building and skill practicing. The program will also include medication management and individual sessions where patients will have the opportunities to meet with the licensed therapist in addition to participating in the group for one on one therapy.

PrairieCare is very pleased to announce the team that will be heading up this endeavor:

Jill Barger, DNP, RN, CNP – Medication Management

Sarajane Cazares, LICSW – Therapist

Julie Barnes, LSW – Social Worker

Nicole Steinert, MA, LPC – Needs Assessment

Ruth Camilli – Receptionist

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