Values to live by, each day.

At PrairieCare, diversity is the sum of our visible and invisible identities; including race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, class, sexual orientation, gender, age, religion, and ability. Each person has a valuable perspective, shaped by individual life experience, all of which makes us similar to and unique from one another.

We welcome and value the diversity of our patients, families, team members, and communities. PrairieCare intentionally engages and leverages these differences in ways that increase contributions and opportunities for all people. Safety, humility, and integrity will guide us as we live our mission, vision, and values every day.

How we approach diversity, equity, & inclusion.

PrairieCare’s approach to diversity, equity, & inclusion is three-pronged. We focus on patient care, employee care, and community relations. We recognize that the communities we serve are diverse, and our employees and team members are diverse as well. In order to best serve our patients and families, we must first value the diversity of identity and experiences our team members hold. In collaboration, our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Administrative Committee works with our Director of DEI and DEI Clinical Consultant to ensure PrairieCare is a welcoming, inclusive, and intentional place for healing, learning, and growth.

Our call to action is a call to listening & learning. Those are the words of PrairieCare’s Dr. Asfia Qaadir, D.O., Clinical Consultant for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. In order to work to improve mental health access and dismantle racial inequities, we must first lay the foundation for educational opportunities. Both internally and externally, PrairieCare is committed to educating ourselves and the general public on issues that impact the communities we serve. Our monthly PrairieCare Education Series (PES) topics cover a variety of issues ranging from racial trauma, LGBTQ+ affirmative care, and social identity. We also work with organizations such as RECLAIM, among other organizations in the community that are committed to equity and inclusion.

PrairieCare in the Community

The PrairieCare Community Response Team (CRT), has been a distinct intervention within PrairieCare to meet the needs of our PrairieCare community during times of unprecedented social tumult.

Cultural Liaisons

Tahnahga Yako is Mohawk, Taino, and Ojibwa who was adopted into the lineage of her grandmother Keewaydinoquay. She has been named within the Longhouse and also carries her name from her grandmother’s lineage. Tahnahga Yako is a cultural liaison/chaplain who is currently serving within PrairieCare. Tahnahga Yako works with our Indigenous youth who are admitted into our hospital and their families. Tahnahga Yako wears many hats within PrairieCare. She has worked in serving the American Indian community locally, and within the Great Lakes region. She has worked for many years with the Twin Cities American Indian Community as a Chemical Dependency Counselor, worked within the American Indian Community as a HIV/AIDS outreach worker and trainer locally and nationally, as an herbalist, activist, and workshop leader. Tahnahga Yako works as an assistant trainer in the Restorative Justice Field doing trainings at the college of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

Tahnahga Yako is a true fan of Star Trek, loves reading sci-fi and other outer worldly possibilities. Tahnahga is learning traditional star knowledge to help in understanding our connection to all life around us. She loves being in the wilderness camping, hiking and has taught women survival classes.

Tahnahga Myers

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