Getting Started

It all starts with a phone call.

Seeking mental health services can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. At PrairieCare, we have a dedicated team of mental health professionals that will guide you through to get the individual care you need in our full continuum of care. We work as a team, ensuring each patient is informed and empowered during their time with us. PrairieCare has the right service or program for anyone seeking mental health support, and we will walk alongside you throughout the process.

As a patient, we walk alongside you.

PrairieCare is committed to simplifying the path to healing for our patients and families. As a new or current patient, our Assessment & Intake Department—or AID Team for short—will be your first point of contact. Think of them as a guide, there to support and empower you during your time at PrairieCare. They will help you navigate your care plan and treatment level, answering any questions you may have along the way.

Our AID Team can be reached at 952-826-8475.

As a parent or family member, we make sure you are informed.

PrairieCare’s full continuum of care is designed to allow for individuals to access various levels of care depending on their specific needs at the time. You can always call our AID Team at 952-826-8475 with any questions you may have. Our Patient Experience Specialist works with families to ensure their voice is heard, and their concerns or questions are answered. PrairieCare invites you to join our Parent Family Forum, which is a partnership created to receive insight and guidance from families during their time with us.

As a healthcare provider, we help you determine the best fit for your patient.

At PrairieCare, we offer no-cost mental health screenings via phone to anyone seeking psychiatric services. If you are a clinician, physician, or provider looking to refer one of your patients, call us at 952-826-8475 to determine the right service or program for the individual. You can also email us by filling out this form.

Signs and symptoms of mental distress:

It can be difficult to know when it is time to seek professional advice about your child, friend, parent, or loved one’s behaviors. We often ask ourselves: Is this just a phase? Am I overreacting? The main factor in determining if it is time to ask a doctor or mental health professional about possible mental illness depends on the duration and intensity of the concerning behaviors.

If any of the following symptoms/behaviors occur for two weeks or more, it is advisable to seek a professional opinion.

  • Irritable mood or behavior changes
  • Trouble staying focused on tasks
  • Sadness/teary
  • Apathy, just not engaged or caring
  • Isolating/withdrawing from family and friends
  • Use of alcohol or other drugs
  • Unfounded fear or nervousness in daily activities
  • Changes in eating and/or sleeping patterns
  • Frequent headaches or stomach aches
  • Self-injury such as cutting or burning (seek help immediately if this symptom is present)
  • Thoughts of suicide (seek help immediately if this symptom is present)