PrairieCare’s Collaboration with Schools

Aug 03, 2011

PrairieCare values our patient’s education academic work, and recognizes the significance of school in the lives of youth. We are proud to host a classroom at each site, which is staffed by the local school district. Classroom staff contacts the patient’s school of residence upon intake to begin exchanging schoolwork and clinical information, when approved through a release of information. Please see MN Rule 3525.2325 for more information about education programs in centers for care and treatment.

PrairieCare is devoted to bringing an awareness of mental health issues and treatment options to the community. Through a collaboration between Columbia University and The REACH Institute, PrairieCare is proud to offer the free training and installation of Diagnostic Predictive Scales to all local school districts in the twin cities metro area.

Diagnostic Predictive Scales is a mental health screening tool which uses criterion from the DSM-IV to identify over 20 mental health issues. This program is a computer administered audio interview that is customizable to each student. The DPS has been proven to be effective in identifying students with mental health concerns and has helped them find the resources necessary for treatment.

Visit our For Schools page of our website for more information and resources.

If you are interested in learning more about Diagnostic Predictive Scales, or would like to use this in your school, please contact Todd Archbold by phone at  952-836-8480 or by email at

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