Evidence-Based Mental Health Interventions for Children with Behavioral-Emotional Problems by: Michael Bloomquist, PhD, Associate Professor Department of Psychiatry University of Minnesota and Adjunct Director of Evidence-Based Practices

Mar 20, 2014 by Michael Bloomquist

Over the last several years, PrairieCare Medical Group (PCMG) staff has developed and are now routinely delivering two evidence-based after school Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs). The Behavior Development Program (BDP), targeting younger children struggling with disruptive behaviors, and the Healthy Emotions Program (HEP), geared toward teens with depression, provide six weeks of intensive skills building and support for youth and parents during after school hours. PCMG staff is doing outstanding work within the IOPs and many families report the programs are helping their children. The BDP and HEP are emerging as a unique and needed community resource for youth struggling with mental illness and the professionals who work with them. 

On March 19, 2014, Drs Michael Bloomquist, Carrie Sweetser, and Jessica Miles had the privilege of presenting a workshop to approximately 150 professionals on the PrairieCare IOPs at the annual meeting of the Minnesota Social Services Association. There they described the challenges of incorporating research-based methods into practice settings, the evidence-based BDP and HEP service models, the partnership between the PCMG and U of M researchers, and results to date of a brief feasibility study. The PowerPoint slides from the presentation are included here.

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