VIT: Offering a New Perspective on Clinical Work

Sep 08, 2014 by PrairieCare Team

VIT:  Offering a New Perspective on Clinical Work

PrairieCare Medical Group clinicians recently participated in a two-day long training seminar on video intervention therapy (VIT).  Taught by Dr. George Downing of the International Institute of Video Intervention Therapy in France, the course followed and built upon a similar 2-day training in 2013.  As described on Dr. Downing’s website, VIT is an evidence-based, rapid means for bringing about change in human relationships.  Videos made of two or more individuals – a parent and a child playing together for example – are reviewed by a trained therapist who, with the patient (in this case the parent, the child or both) reflects on the interactions observed.

“VIT is a wonderful way to quickly allow both the patient and the therapist to gain objective perspective on human interactions,” noted Dr. Downing.  “The opportunities for rapid focus on specific interactions allows for productive and concrete action items upon which the patient can act.”  Approximately fifteen PCMG clinicians participated in the seminar, including psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists from across the Twin Cities.  “While it isn’t immediately clear where we’ll be incorporating VIT into our practice, what is clear is that the modality is so obviously applicable to our work that it’s simply a matter of when VIT will begin to be employed,” explained Joel Oberstar, MD, PrairieCare’s CEO & Chief Medical Officer.  “If VIT really ‘takes off’ within our organization as we think it could, we will likely bring Dr. Downing back next year so our clinicians can continue the process of achieving formal certification in VIT,” added Stephen Setterberg, MD, PrairieCare’s President and Chairman.

Those interested in learning more about VIT can visit Dr. Downing’s website.

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