Youth IOP

Meeting patients where they are at, offering in-person or telehealth services.

The Youth IOP is offered year-round as an After School Intensive Outpatient Program designed for adolescents ages 12-18. This one-of-a-kind program was an evidence-based outcome from a research partnership with the University of Minnesota to develop, implement, and evaluate new programs founded on research-based therapy practices.

This one-of-a-kind program will develop coping skills to manage difficult emotions.

Youth IOP Program Hours

  • Monday – Thursday
  • 3:30pm – 6:30pm

Length of stay

  • 6 week program


Patients in Youth IOP follow their regular schedule during the day and come to treatment in the afternoon. This treatment program will focus on skills building and support for adolescents and their parents.

Adolescents who enter Youth IOP typically have difficulty functioning in one or more of the following areas: family/relationships, school, and community. The treatment team works closely with families to tailor the program to the individual needs of the adolescent and their family.

Individualized treatment approaches to hope & healing.

As part of the program, parents and/or legal guardians of the patients attend a 1 time per week parent group. Day and time will be discussed with the treatment team at intake.

Please review this Youth IOP Flyer if you have additional questions.

Adolescents that could benefit from this program may:

  • Struggle with emotional awareness/intelligence
  • Need distress tolerance skills
  • Difficult time problem solving
  • Struggle with social interactions
  • Show consistent difficulty in tolerating change or stressful life events
  • Struggle with following age-appropriate boundaries and limits


Services are provided by the following professionals:

  • Licensed Therapists
  • Psychiatric Technicians
  • Master’s Level Therapists
  • Psychiatric Consultation


Benefits to the Youth IOP:

  • Evidence-based structured programming for skill development
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Framework
  • Mindfulness-based stress management techniques
  • Psychological Education
  • Parent coaching and skill development group
  • Medication management as needed


Enrollment Process:

Interested in getting your child or teen started in one of the After-School Intensive Outpatient Programs?

No current psychiatrist or therapist/psychologist for your child/teen: The first step to admission is to call 952-826-8475 for a no cost, 20-minute, Mental Health Screening via phone.

If your child/teen is currently working with a psychiatrist or therapist/psychologist, please review these steps;

  1. Speak with that psychiatrist, therapist or psychologist about these programs to confirm their agreement that these programs would be helpful for your child/teen.
  2. Your psychiatrist or therapist/psychologist should call 952-826-8424 to speak with one of our Patient Intake Coordinators. Alternatively, they may fax their recommendation for your child/teen to participate in this program to 763-315-6677 or 763-315-4436.


Additional Questions

For program information, you can reach out to Sarah Martinez at:


I cannot express my gratitude enough for this program or my team. I was absolutely hopeless and broken. They changed that in me and changed my family unit. They are so good at their jobs. They have changed my life. “Job” or not, they saw me before I even saw myself. That can’t be taught. That is THEM, who they are.

Anonymous , Patient

Dr. Peterson did such an amazing job of asking questions my husband and I never even thought about to try to get to the root of which symptoms were physical/mental and which were possible side effects of medication(s) my son was taking. He took time to listen to everything we had to say, I never felt rushed or dismissed on any of my concerns. We spoke weekly and while he made suggestions, he made sure we knew the decisions were ours to make – giving us complete control on how to proceed with our son’s medications.

Anonymous , Parent

The level of communication was truly remarkable. I never had to question how my son was doing or what was going on during his time at Prairie Care. No matter what was happening – we knew about it, and that makes all the difference!

Anonymous , Parent

It all starts with a phone call

If you are a clinician, physician, or provider looking to refer a patient, call 952-826-8475.

No-cost mental health screenings via phone are offered to anybody seeking psychiatric services at Prairiecare.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, counselor, physician, family, or friend – and not sure where to turn – you can call us at 952-826-8475 to help determine the best services for each individual’s needs or reach us through email by filling out this form.