When to Choose, and Why to Choose PrairieCare’s Adult Intensive Outpatient Program By: Jonna Board, LMFT (former) Adult IOP Therapist

Jan 14, 2014 by Jonna Board, LMFT

PrairieCare’s Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) has a multifaceted treatment approach. Through the collaboration of therapists, social workers, and psychiatrists we are able to treat a variety of diagnosis and symptoms while providing a high level of care.  We consistently hear from patients that they are able to find a sense of stability, experience healing, and personal growth upon completion of IOP.

A common question we receive is who would benefit from PrairieCare’s IOP.  Often patients or providers find that than once a week psychotherapy is not meeting the patient’s current needs and that a higher level of care is needed for stabilization.  Besides often being a step up in the level of care for patients, IOP is also an effective step down from inpatient treatment.  IOP helps the patients slowly reintegrate back into their way of life while instilling new coping skills with the continued support of medication management. During the treatment period, which is typically 6-8 weeks, the patient receives daily group therapy, psycho-education, medication management, spiritual support, and individual and family therapy.

As a therapist in the IOP I have found group therapy to be a remarkable way for patients to feel less ostracized from society and experience a deep sense of acceptance of by others, leading to greater self-acceptance.  PrairieCare’s intensive approach provides a holding space for the patient as they begin to develop or strengthen pathways for change and healing.  Through group therapy the patients are given a safe space to process any shame, guilt, judgment that they may be experiencing in their personal lives.  By taking this risk the individual is able to experience a greater sense of resiliency and allow for self-compassion to be internalized.  On a daily occasion I observe a patient receiving feedback from a fellow group member that may challenge the patient’s thinking in a new and unique way. This is due to the variety of life stories in the room, which often has a profound impact on the patient.  I have found when individuals from different age groups, genders, religious affiliations, political views, cultural backgrounds come to a room to seek healing to be an incomparable therapeutic experience. The patients are able to develop connections and find support from other group members that are surprising to them, and typically someone they never would have thought possible outside of the therapeutic environment.  

As the patient completes PrairieCare’s IOP program, the treatment team works diligently to ensure each client has a discharge plan prior to their completion date. The discharge plan is dependent on each patient’s individual needs. We believe having a follow up that the patient feels comfortable with is a critical step in relapse prevention.  If you are a provider or a patient inquiring to see if our program would be a good fit for you please call 888-9-prairie and schedule a FREE Needs Assessment at either our Woodbury or Edina location where adult services are offered.

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