March is National Social Worker Month!

Mar 17, 2015 by PrairieCare Team

So, what does that mean?

For starters it means we want to take a few minutes to reflect on the work of our social workers here at PrairieCare.  Social workers are throughout our organization from leadership positions (Chief Development Officer, Chief Psychotherapy Officer, Director of Social Work, Marketing Director, Site Directors) to the front line of care providing therapy and case management services.

Social workers in programming are responsible for many aspects of treatment from completing intake paperwork with patients and families to initiating treatment plans, communicating with outpatient providers and school staff regarding progress (with a Release of Information of course).  They also lead Psycho/Education groups on a daily basis with children, adolescents and adults, as well as coordinating the discharge plans for all patients who are ready to return to a lower level of care.  Social workers work collaboratively with the treatment team throughout a patients stay in our programs ensuring that patients receive the individualized psychiatric care they truly need.

We asked our staff to share some thoughts and kudos about our social workers – here is what they had to say:

Chaska –  Sam is so organized and hard working. She follows through on everything asked and has great insight!  Sam is a hard worker and always on top of making sure the team knows what is going on. Great communication with her team, families, and outpatient providers.  Cady is also a hard worker and great with the kids. She is so understanding and patient with them.

Edina – Alyson consistently puts the needs of the patient first and advocates for their needs and the family’s needs.  She truly understands what it is to be a social worker.  She is compassionate, encouraging, a team player, and a leader.  We are lucky to have such a knowledgeable and experienced person on our team.

Penny always steps up to assist other disciplines and brings a unique perspective to the team.  Her willingness to share ideas is greatly appreciated and helpful to our patients.  She is in tune with the needs of our kids and meets them where they are at.

Michael is calm, caring, collected, compassionate, creative and considerate with all patients and staff. He puts the “extra” in extraordinary.

Christina is very enthusiastic, engaging, and supportive of staff and patients. She is very passionate about the groups and quickly develops rapport with patients.   Christina is very enthusiastic, engaging, and supportive of staff and patients. She is very passionate about the groups and quickly develops rapport with patients.

Jessica is very knowledgeable about area resources, finding the best treatment options for patients. She is very thorough in her work and dedicated to improving our program. She goes above and beyond to provide access to patients and to increase (and improve) community awareness of our program. We couldn’t run this program without her!Maple Grove PHP- Our social workers (Katelin, Anna, and Autumn) demonstrate compassion and commitment to their jobs day in and day out.  They are strong in leadership skills, advocacy, and genuinely have the best interest of each child and their family at heart.  Their hard work stands out on our PHP team, and we couldn’t be more lucky.Maple Grove Inpatient Social Work team (Sarah, Dawn, Lindsay, Sarah M., and Jen, not pictured: Mindy) show their compassion through every patient interaction.  They are at the top of their game when it comes to communication with outpatient providers and discharge planning.

Rochester – Jamie does an outstanding job supporting our patients and families in both IOP and in individual/family sessions.  She has a great attitude, is committed to PrairieCare and our patients.  Jaime is always willing to jump in and help.

Woodbury – The social workers (Laura pictured, Melissa below, not pictured are:Julie, Brooke, and Rachel) in the IOP programs are exceptional.  I am continually admiring how efficient they are amidst the demanding environment of the IOP.

Woodbury – They are often in the midst of all aspects of Pt care, from giving Pt’s counsel and emotional support, to leading groups, to managing the ever complex work situations of our patients’.  Our social workers are the best.

Thank you to all of our social workers!  The work you do for patient care makes a difference everyday, we are so fortunate to have you on our team!

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