PrairieCare to present at Cleveland Clinic’s 6th Annual Patient Experience Summit

Feb 10, 2015 by PrairieCare Team

We are excited to announce that PrairieCare’s Chief Executive Officer/Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joel Oberstar, and Performance Improvement Director, Molly Menton  have been invited to speak at the Cleveland Clinic’s 6th Annual Patient Experience Summit. The Cleveland Clinic is a renowned, multispecialty academic medical center in Cleveland, Ohio and is consistently ranked one of the top healthcare systems in the world.

The Patient Experience Summit is a four day-long conference in
which professionals from a variety of specialties and disciplines come together to share best practices and ideas for creating an empathic and  patient-centered experience. In 2014 the Patient Experience Summit boasted an impressive 2100 attendees from 49 states and 39 countries. Ms. Menton and Dr. Oberstar will be addressing attendees on Wednesday, May 20th and will discuss PrairieCare’s initiative to integrate organizational values into patient satisfaction data.

Patient satisfaction surveys provide important data for healthcare organizations to ensure that patients are receiving high quality care. Most healthcare organizations collect and analyze patient satisfaction survey data and disseminate among staff and the community. PrairieCare’s Data Analyst, Nathan Boucher and Ms. Menton have taken this analysis one step further by integrating organizational values into the patient satisfaction survey data and creating patient-centered metrics that quantify the level to which the organization is demonstrating its values on a day-to-day basis.  This model is replicable for most healthcare systems and emphasizes a collaborative, empathic approach to data interpretation and improvement efforts.

Best wishes to Dr. Oberstar and Ms. Menton as they share this dynamic approach to improving the patient experience.

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