PrairieCare Patient Advocate Role… Compassion, Concern, Communication and Caring By: Steve White Patient Advocate

Apr 01, 2013 by Steve White

The Patient Advocate serves as a central resource in coordinating as a link for all patient concerns, within the PrairieCare system.  The Advocate can provide support, guidance, investigative duties and direction for clinic and hospital staff, as well as physicians, in both proactive and reactive problem solutions.  In this role, a priority is to gather information, listen and assist in resolving patient / family issues, concerning the quality of care and overall PrairieCare services.

The Patient Advocate serves as a resource and support for leadership, clinicians, doctors and staff, in establishing an environment of proactive service recovery efforts.  The Advocate works closely with Quality Improvement, Risk Management, General Counsel, Community Relations, Supervisors, a variety of team members and other system wide personnel to provide prompt, confidential and caring resolution with patients and families.  Recommendations are made, along with site supervisors and the care team in which appropriate documentation is ensured, for both the PrairieCare and State of Minnesota reporting systems.

Key to the role is friendly, unbiased, neutral, open communication with PrairieCare families, patients, outside practitioners and staff.  Ensuring releases of information are completed for privacy, is an ongoing practice of ethics within the PrairieCare system and vital with Patient Advocacy.  Corrective action may be a part of the continuous quality improvement effort.  Results of an investigation are private to PrairieCare, but always have an impact on operations, moving forward.

The Patient Advocate welcomes calls, can set up meetings with appropriate team members and will correspond by mail, in response to patient concerns.  While we excel in meeting individual needs, each case is different, which is why we value the Patient Advocate role to be able to work toward rectifying and resolving issues, when contacted with concerns.  PrairieCare wants to strive toward the most positive outcome and resolution possible.

The PrairieCare Patient Advocate is Steve White and he can be contacted at:   swhite@prairie-care .com or by calling him directly at:  952-838-5807. 

The main number  for further information is:  888-9-PRAIRIE  (888-977-2474).  You may access more about our services at:

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