Michael Laska

Michael Laska

Vice President of Technology Bio

As Vice President of Technology, Michael believes that curiosity, compassion, and realism drives his work here at PrairieCare. He is constantly expanding his knowledge of new technology, understanding how it will impact the organization, and applying it in meaningful ways to help improve both the employee and patient experience. Michael finds joy in knowing that technology measure can be taken to improve outcomes and procedures for staff but also improvements and outcomes in a patient’s mental health journey.

Ever since he was young, Michael was driven by a need to understand how things worked. This drive led him to major in Biology in college where he discovered a passion in immunology. From there, he started working at a Mayo Clinic research laboratory where he helped integrate a new Information Management System (IMS). That work included implementing automation to historically manual processes to transform the way in which services could be provided. While at Mayo Clinic, Michael also completed a massive project to implement a Biospecimens Automated Storage device which he presented to Senator Amy Klobuchar while she was touring the facilities.

After realizing that his passion in information technology included more than just robotics, Michael entered the mental health field to get a step closer to indirectly helping people. He also wanted to learn more about big data and how he could help transform the environment to better the lives of those around him.

Through the years, he has learned to focus on supporting those around him through mentorship, coaching, and inclusive learning. Providing growth and opportunities to those around him is just as important as our end goal of providing the best patient care possible. Michael’s experience has provided him a unique outlook on how information technology can be used as a tool to better the workplace rather than govern the workplace.

In this role, Michael hopes to continue the IT department’s forward momentum to provide a transparent and supportive presence to PrairieCare. Outside of work, Michael enjoys gardening, playing with his two dogs Chicken and Waffles, running, and traveling.