Happy Hospital Week! By: Dr. Joel Oberstar, CEO/CMO

May 10, 2013 by Dr. Joel Oberstar, CEO/CMO

“The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it.”  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

I doubt Emerson was speaking of “doing” healthcare, but the quote is equally applicable to this setting.  National Hospital Week is our nation’s largest healthcare event, one that honors the dedicated professionals who make healthcare facilities the healing places they are.  Here at PrairieCare, we use Hospital Week as an occasion to pause and offer genuine thanks to all of our wonderful employees for their tireless work advancing our mission, vision and values.

As we join together to celebrate hospital week, I encourage you to reflect upon Emerson’s sentiment as it relates to the work we do each and every day in providing high quality mental health care to children, adolescents, adults and their families.  To be sure, the work we do is challenging.  Indeed, there are times our patients come to us in such a state of despair that we ourselves may begin to feel their own sense of hopelessness in the pit of our stomach.  However, never forget that our patients and their families depend upon us to help them when they need it most.

The work we do here at PrairieCare is truly work worth doing.  At the end of each day, know that regardless of the work you do here, you have helped improve the life of a patient. On behalf of all of our patients and their families:  thank you!

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