Anastasia Sullwold Ristau, PhD, LP

Anastasia Sullwold Ristau, PhD, LP

Director of Psychotherapeutics, PrairieCare | Licensed Psychologist, Center for Integrative Mental Health, PrairieCare Education

Post-Doctoral Training and Fellowship: Children’s Mercy Hospital, Missouri
Doctoral Training: 
Auburn University, Alabama
Master’s Degree: 
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Bachelor’s Degree: College of St. Benedict, Minnesota
Licensure: Licensed Psychologist


Licensed as a psychologist in Minnesota since 2004, Dr. Anastasia Ristau holds pediatric, integrative, and clinical psychology expertise. Dr. Ristau partners with youth and their caregivers to nourish and stabilize mental health, emphasizing a balance of the science and art of practice within the field. She is passionate about providing an inclusive, safe and comfortable therapeutic space ripe for interpersonal growth and support.


As the Director of Psychotherapeutics, Dr. Ristau oversees the clinical functioning and direction of the practice of psychotherapy across all of the levels of care throughout all of our PrairieCare locations. Committed to active allyship within diversity, equity and inclusion, she additionally provides training, consultation, program development, and change management guidance while remaining a public relations presence within the clinical scope of this role.


Dr. Ristau holds a private LLC business through which she enjoys tackling projects involving consultation, public speaking, training, writing, and advisory-type roles. She maintains a regular media and public speaking presence through a variety of platforms. Dr. Ristau is married with two children and is the first to admit that she is regularly humbled by the challenges and joys found with being a parent and a spouse. She prioritizes taking active steps to keeping life grounded, real, healthy, and fun.  Laughter and love are at the center of her daily living.

Special Clinical Interests
  • Diagnostic Clarification for Depressive and Anxiety disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • High Functioning Autism
  • ADHD
  • Learning Style and Memory
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
  • Habit Issues (hair pulling, skin picking)
Additional Info
  • Adolescents
  • Children

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